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Team Introduction

Greatal team was established in April, 2009, composed by couple of embedded system software and hardware engineers with much excellent R&D experience. Most of team members are holding ME degree and have been working in Fortune 500 for many years. Based on solid engineering background, focus on various embedded system solution development under "simple" and "instant" principle. Our goal is to make your product more competitive by shortening development period cycle and enforcing product functionality.


Company Culture

Greatal comes from English words "Great" and "Talent", meaning that great dream or goal should be achieved by intelligence and talent persons. Just like company name, Greatal culture is as the following:

  • Respect—— respect every member's personality, making him/her grow up with company going up!
  • Share—— reasonably and effectively share knowledge, achievemnt and company profit with everyone. Company development is based on imployee's personal development!
  • Innovate—— encourage everyone to innovate everywhere, win ther future by our intelligence.
  • Happy—— trying make everyone have a good job and happy life!


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