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PS-LCD Software Functionality


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        DesignerSimulator and FLEX  are free UI tools provided by Greatal to ease PS-LCD GUI software development. Based on Designer, “0”coding to create UI; Simulator is offered to emulate UI effect and verify basic functionality, don't need Hardware at all; Flex help developer todownload to PS-LCD module. Those tools are very easy to use. Even without GUI programming knowledge, developer is able to understand and use it for product UI design in no time.

  • UI Editor——Designer

        Designer is a visual UI editor running MS Windows. By this tool, developer might design UI apperance (e..g font, size, color etc.), customize UI behavior. “0” coding make UI fly. Basic design operation including: drop/drag,undo/redo、move、delete、resize UI widgets; Only click your mouse to customize it's property; After design done, just click "build UI" button, all of resources needed for UI (font, picture, widget, script etc) would be packed into one file. Download this file into PS-LCD, GUI will run as same as you designed.

Illustration-1: Designer UI Editor

Based on Designer, developer will be able to:

  1. layout and configure widgets. A bunch of widgets availablebutton, text editor, combo box, progress bar, meter, plot etc;
  2. Customize font style: As PS-LCD supportsEnglish and Chinese vector font library, freely set size and effect;
  3. Use picture to decorate UI, supporting multiple format:bitmap, jpeg,png, tiff etc;
  4. Set animation effect, gif format supported;
  5. Use JavaScript (syntax is like C programming language) to describe UI behavior;
  6. Use Style Sheet to customize different UI effects
  7. Able to generate couple of UI, and switch them flexibly
  8. Set UI background, booting logo, main UI etc.
  9. Support user defined communication protocol, easy to meet different controller requirement;
  • PS-LCD Simulator——Simulator
        To design an amazing and satisfying GUI, have to tune and verify your design repeatedly. What UI will be like in your product? Dont' have to spend couple of minutes to download your design into PS-LCD. Instead, developer has another convenient option: get your design run in PS-LCD simulator. All of effect and behavior result on Simulator is 100% same as running on real PS-LCD hardware. The UI verified on Simulator is able to be used on real PS-LCD with immediately. With Simulator help, developer might begin UI design work before hardware is available, which make it possible that hardware and software design are on parallel.

Illustration-2: PS-LCD Simulator

  • Downloading Tool——FLEX

       Greatal provide USB downloading tool named Flex to help user downloading UI design into PS-LCD;

Illustration-3: Downloading tool: Flex

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Topics: Outline | Hardware | <Software> | Development Steps

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