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PS-LCD | Serial LCD | Smart LCD Outline


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  • Breif:
          PS-LCD(Programmable Smart LCD)is a smart display module integrated with TFT panel、LCD controller、touch panel、graphical processor and communication port. With powerful 32 bit human machine UI processing software and hardware, PS-LCD is able to independently (without MCU intervention) handle all of UI related jobs:  UI render, touch event, backlight control, and key input. A versatile UI editor running on Windows is specially introduced to make PS-LCD UI design so easy, just like MS power point UI simplicity.  WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) , "0" code to make amazing and beautiful graphical UI. 
            Your controller unit(e.g., 51、ARM、DSP、PC、PLC etc.)does not need too much UI related coding at all, and able to conveniently connect PS-LCD by3 Commands or User Defined Protocol


  • Interface
    HW:    TTL UARTby default(RS232、485、CAN optional)
    SW:    3 Ascii Commands or User Defined Protocol3
  • Typical Application Illustration

PS-LCD based product consists of 3 parts:
♦ PS-LCD& human machine interface
♦ External
control unit
♦ application specific circuit
As PS-LCD integrates TFT panel, touch screen、back light control and UI processing hardware, external controlling unit (it's your controlling CPU in most cases) just connects to it by communication port only. Even if you don'tunderstand TFT LCD & touch screen hardware knowledge at all, you are able to extend your product with a graphical UI interface within couple of days. details >>>>
  • UI Design——Without coding, design amazing graphical UI interface
    Based on PS-LCD, product UI creation/edition doesn't need coding, and could be implemented by Greatal UI tool "Designer". Just click/move mouse, will make amazing UI as below in couple of minutes. As easy as MS power point! So far, PS-LCD support more than 10 graphical widgets(e.g. text editor,button, progress bar, image, label, combo box, LED style display, timer, meter, plot etc.), different popular image format(bmp/jpg/tiff/giff), thousands of vector font library and Java Script programming, should meet most of industrial requirements. More details >>>>



  • Why PS-LCD?——Spend less time, design more amazing product!
Compared to traditional way, PS-LCD based product development has the following advantages:
Less software requirement, only need communication port driver (e.g., UART driver), it works fine with or without operation system. Any performance control unit is able to connect to PS-LCDEeasily.;        Details >>>>
Easy to develop, even without graphical programming knowledge, engineer is able to use UI editor "Designer" to create UI,“WYSIWYG”、“0”coding makes UI ready;        Details >>>>
Less resources needed, without external control unit intervention, PS-LCD can independently handle of UI render, switch, animation, touch event etc.         Details >>>>
Less development workload, exchange data with PS-LCD by 3 commands only(or user define protocol), integrate UI into products in no time;        Details >>>>
  • Good Reliability
♦ Core processor and control circuit are put on 6 layer PCB with 40mm x 50mm compact size, and shielded by metal cover to minimize external EMI;
♦ PS-LCD is able to handler UI event and action,and will prevent external control unit form introducing too much UI coding, make design as easy as possible as a result;
♦ PS-LCD core software is developed by excellent engineer team with many year graphical development experience, and verified by long time, high stress testing, and should be with good quality and reliability;
♦ UI design includes JS script only, no C/C++ coding, developer has no way to introducing difficult-to-find software problem, such as null pointer, memory leak, stack overflow.

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Topics: <Outline> | Hareware | Software | Development Steps

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