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Application scopes: control terminal, HMI, information inquiry terminal, advertisement terminal etc.
Hardware Feature
  • Only one serial port (UART) needed, control and drive PC display, support resolution 14400x900 maximum;
  • Support USB mouse or touch panel
  • Save effort of designing mechanical stuff, "plug in and use", quick extend Human machine interface for system
  • Functionality is same as PC, but cost is much lower;
Software Feature
  • Use UI editor "Desgner" for 0 coding“WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)” to design UI; details>>>>
  • Many graphical widgets (e.g. button, progress bar, label, combo box etc.), vector font library and different format picture supported;
  • Easy to define communication by yourself, which would ease your system design;
Compared to “PC + computer display” combination, system would get faster boot, easier UI design, more flexible communication selection, more reliability and lower cost
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