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Software Release

♦ Click blue font to link corresponding software downloading URL;
♦  Please use same version of firmware and Designer, otherwise UI likely run into unexpected behavior;

♦ Firmware upgrade:
       1) PS-LCD run into "download" mode, download .b file by Flex;
       2) Power cycle (or cold reset) PS-LCD, run into "download" mode again, then download .k and .s file by Flex.

 Release V1.48 [20130803
 Release V1.47 [20130414
 Release V1.46 [20130311
 Release V1.45 [20130128
 Release V1.44 [20120813
 Release V1.43 [20120703
 Release V1.42 [20120611
 Release V1.41 [20120507
 Release V1.40 [20120405
 Release V1.39 [20120323
 Release V1.38 [20120321
 Release V1.37 [20120308
 Release V1.36 [20120227
 Release V1.35 [20120210] 


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